About the Blog

‘Carpe That Diem’ is a tragically bilingual portmanteau phrase gracelessly stolen from a dear friend and motivator.

The blog Carpe That Diem is dedicated to death positivity. This is a space for thoughtful contemplation on death, dying, disability, illness, health, sexuality, gender, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in spite of all of the above.

About the Author

The author of this blog has authored many a blog before in ages gone by yet still hasn’t gotten the hang of writing a witty, informative and brief ‘about’ section. Here goes:

Ariel L. is an agoraphobic, disabled millennial who worries that he hasn’t contributed much to society at all. Despite having accomplished several notable feats and experienced all manner of unique and interesting phenomena, he is still worried that he’s too boring to warrant a blog. Regardless, he feels compelled to ask the ether “Is there anybody out there?” as he swears on his life up and down that he can hear the echoes of validation in the deepest crevices of this big blue world.

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